One-stop Japanese Market Entry Package

"Translate your Game into Japanese for the Japanese "
We provide in-house specialized translators experienced in making your game contents culturally appropriate for the Japanese audience. Integrate your localized content into your system in as fast as 5 days! (Workflow depends on volume of requirements)

*Depending on the game, we also offer culturalization services to change other game contents (e.g graphics, gameplay) upon localization to make it more suitable for Japanese users.
Contact us to find out how much culturalization is needed for your game.
"Make your Game Bug-FREE for a More Enjoyable User Experience "
We provide all-in testing to review errors for your localized game and check its compatibility with your chosen devices. We have a proven testing workflow that can adapt to your needs and chosen setup. Let us be an extension of your QA team!
Contact us to find out the different ways we can organize the debugging process according to your needs

Server Management
"Make your Game Up and Running 24/7 "
We maintain and keep your game alive with high quality virtual and dedicated servers and let you monitor user data easily via web-based server tools. Enjoy pay-as-you-go plans with absolutely no startup cost!

Consistent zero-downtime is a specific requirement for all games released in Japanese platforms.
Contact us to find out why.
Social Game Support
"Resolve Your Game-Related User Concerns Immediately "
We make sure that all inquiries sent by the users are properly addressed as soon as possible using the preferred mail tools by Japanese platforms. There is also no need to worry about any language barrier since our team is comprised of native Japanese speakers. !

Accommodating and responding to your user inquiries within 24 hours is a specific requirement for any game released in Japanese platforms.

Based on Japanese regulation for customer support.
Contact us to find out why.
"Promote Your Game to Gain High ARPU "
We provide the most effective all-in media promotional support for your games customized according to your needs. We can increase your users by creating a hype for your game before and after its release via press releases, fan page management and advertising support. Let us help you gain higher ARPU!

Depending on the game, we also offer consulting services on how you can best monetize your game in Japan.
Contact us to discuss how we can customize your promotional activities to effectively target your users.
Contact Management (FREE)
"Connect with All Your Contact Points Easily "
We do all our coordination with you in English and help you connect with your chosen game platform. We provide hands-on project coordinators to assist you throughout the entire project. Enjoy this market entry experience with our help!
Contact us to meet your project coordinator.