Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much does your service cost?
Call or email us and we will gladly provide a quotation based on your service requirements.

2.Is the user support and server management a strict requirement?
Yes, these are strict standards set up by both platforms in Japan.

3.How different is the Western market from the Japanese market?
Perhaps, this will enlighten you regarding this matter.

4.How can we be sure that our games will succeed in Japan?
We can provide a free game testing service to assess the success rate of your game. Contact us for more details about this offer.

5.Do you provide localization and game release for Japan only?
At the moment, yes.

6.Why should we release our game in Mobage and GREE?
They are the most profitable among the game platforms in Japan (or maybe even the world).

7.What are the other companies games have published so far?
We are afraid we cant disclose that information in public. Call or email us to learn more.

8.How long does it take to localize and release a game?
No, our service does not cover that.

9. Why do we need your service?
You can have your game up and running in as fast as 3 months.